IRES™ is the SAP standard for IoT-based energy and resource efficiency.

In the 21st century, society is confronted with major issues such as ongoing digitization or climate change. In society, rethinking and new challenges have not only come about since the Friday-for-Future movement: sustainability in the use of resources and energy is a top priority today.

With the efforts to protect the climate and the Energy Efficiency Strategy 2045, the Federal Government has therefore set a clear target for reducing primary energy consumption. As a result, the pressure on companies to produce more energy and resource-efficiently and thus more sustainably is growing enormously.

The starting points for savings and optimization are not only very company or industry-specific, but often not directly obvious in the increasingly complex production processes. Digitization and automation – especially in the context of Industry 4.0 or IoT – enable solutions here.

With IRES™, INTENSE AG not only offers the SAP standard for energy and resource efficiency, but also creates the closed loop between production, real-time data management, sustainability and profitability.

IRES™ Success Story: Maximum refreshment with a minimum footprint!

The resources of our earth are only available to a limited extent, including, for example, vital water. The road to becoming a digitally networked, smart and, above all, sustainable company is rocky. Gerolsteiner Brunnen GmbH & Co shows how it's done and clears the way: With IRES™, in line with the future project Industry 4.0, the measurement data from all wells, reservoirs and systems are converted into knowledge - for sustainable, transparent energy and resource management.

IRES™ optimizes and forecasts the entire process from mineral water production to bottling - which also led to the SAP Quality Award in the Innovation category.

Energy data management with IRES™ is just the beginning of the Efficiency Journey

Energy data management systems customary on the market are quite suitable for displaying historical consumption situations in companies. IRES™ goes a decisive step further: Not only is energy data recorded and managed, but also processed in real time, including all relevant influencing factors. The resulting normalization of the data to "optimal or standardized" production conditions enables a decisive look into the future through forecasts. This is possible through full integration into production planning or MES systems. An open, supply-chain-spanning architecture concept enables sustainability management within the company and beyond these boundaries.

INTENSE deliberately relies on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) for the "Internet of Things". This creates optimal integration into existing SAP landscapes and future S/4HANA environments. The performance of the HANA in-memory technology provides the basis for handling big data. IoT, SAP Leonardo and AI (= artificial intelligence) services support the "Efficiency Journey" holistically.

IRES™ at a glance: Efficiency, economy, compliance with standards, sustainability

IRES™ enables complete IoT and ERP integration based on SAP with cross-industry use. The targeted optimization of the use of energy and resources not only protects the environment, but is also a clear competitive advantage:

  • Lower costs thanks to the forward-looking use of energy and resources - By integrating the production plan data from SAP ERP, IRES™ can simultaneously determine production key figures and forecast the consumption of future production orders.
  • Less consumption with the same output - Predictive Analytics provides forecasts in real time, which lead to more flexibility and sustainability.
  • Decision-making basis for investment issues - With IRES™ you identify relevant influencing factors and thus clues to increase your process stability and for a systematic evaluation of measures to reduce energy consumption.
  • Standards and supply chain conformity - IRES™ is an essential part of your ISO or EMAS certification and thus secures your position in the supply chain as well as EEG and electricity tax savings.
  • Increasing production efficiency - IRES™ evaluates data for instant observation to obtain production conclusions. In addition, key figures such as the average consumption per product per system can be viewed. It is also possible to calculate in advance whether certain systems can maintain their performance or whether bottlenecks will arise.
  • CO2-neutral companies - IRES™ offers the basis for a product-specific carbon footprint integrated into sustainability management, for example according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.
  • Modern, user-friendly software architecture - SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) based, user-friendly and responsive user interface on both mobile devices and classic desktop devices.

IRES™ is certified for SAP® BTP

Certification on the SAP Business Technology Platform means optimal integration in SAP and third-party software environments.

IRES™ is the first holistic SAP solution for company-specific and cross-company energy and resource management, carbon footprint optimization and profitability.